Home Sweet Home!

 After the 2017 World Junior Championships were over it was time to pack up and head home after being away from family and friends for three and a half months! I achieved most of my goals for this season! Looking forward to upcoming training in Sydney Australia! After a few weeks rest I will be running, roller skiing and swimming in Sydney in March, April and May! I am also aiming to do some half marathon running races!

2017 Junior World Championships

Brezno Osrblie, Slovakia

19/02/2017 - 27/02/2017

 My final races of the season! After a long car trip to Brezno Osrblie, Slovakia, we attended the 2017 Junior World Championships opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was nothing compared to the Winter Universiade but it was great to watch and learn about Slovakia’s culture. The day after the opening ceremony we had official training where I tested the course and shooting range out! The course has 2 steep long uphills and a few fast technical downhills. It was a fairly difficult course, but I was confident that I would ski this type of course well. The first race was a 12.5km Individual race where I struggled with the shooting due to tough weather conditions. The previous days there was a lot of rain and wind causing slushy slow snow and windy conditions at the range. I was happy with my ski speed and I skied strong. I was happy  with my standing shooting but not so happy with my prone shooting.

Overall despite my prone shooting it was a good race for me, and I was happy with my results! The next race was the 7.5km sprint race where I was extremely happy with my results! Only being 5 minutes behind the winner and shooting 0,1! This was a great result for my last race of the season! The 2017 Junior World Championships was a success! The field was extremely tough with many athletes competing on the World Cup circuit, and comparing my results from last year to this year I have made a big jump and improved both my skiing and shooting!

Sprint: 63rd - 0, 1 - 5:09 behind

Individual: 64th - 2, 0, 3, 0 - 13:10 behind

Australian high performance training camp in Antholz, Italy! 

Preparing for the Youth/Junior World Championships

10/02/2017 - 16/02/2017

After the 2017 Winter Universiade we travelled back to Italy to meet up with the remainder of the Australian Biathlon team at a training camp in order to prepare  for our upcoming races! The Australian high performance training camp took place in Antholz, Italy. Those attending the camp was Jill Colebourn, Darcie Morton, Jeremy Flanagan as well as New Zealander Louis Jones (Luigi), myself and Italian Thomas Cusini with Australian head coach Luca Bormolini coaching us.  

This camp was all about preparing for the 2017 World Junior Championships, I spent most of the camp working on my weaknesses and did a lot of shooting training. It was good training in a small group where our coach Luca could coach us one on one to perfect our shooting and skiing  technique. Antholz is a beautiful place with great training facilities, I absolutely loved training here! After this camp was  over we started our 12 hour car trip to Osrblie, Slovakia where the 2017 Junior World Championships were being held. During this camp we travelled to Hochfilzen, Austria on our rest day to watch the mens 20km Individual race at the World Championships! It was incredible to see the world best race! 

My biggest International event yet!

2017 Winter Universiade 

Almaty, Kazakhstan

26/01/2017 - 09/02/2017

We stayed in an athletes village which was everything that I had ever dreamed an athlete village to be like! There was a giant cafeteria where we ate each meal, cafes around the village, an arcade, medical centre, shops, gym and so much more! The rooms were perfect, and it was already by far one of the best events I have been to! With over 2000 athletes and 3000 volunteers, this event was just massive and extremely well organised!  

One of my favourite parts about the Universiade was that Coca Cola sponsored this event, so there was free Coke everywhere!

The first race on the 31st of January was the 15km Individual race, which I wasn't too nervous for, as I had already done a 15km race this season, and I felt confident with this course. I started my Individual race strong, but then bad weather conditions started to  creep in my second and third shooting. It became extremely foggy all of a sudden and I had no other option but to just shoot my 3r and 4th shootings without seeing the target. I had no idea what I was shooting at, or even if I was shooting on the right  target, hence only hitting one out of the four targets in both my third and fourth shootings. Considering this, it was a bad race, but many other athletes were in the same position. 

The forth race on the 5th of February was the 2x6km, 2x7.5km mixed relay. This was Australia’s first ever mixed relay!! I was honoured to create history along side Jill Colebourn, Jeremy Flanagan and Tim Flanagan. I was the first leg of the relay, where I was extremely tired from the three races I had done in last few days but I pushed through it and shot 0, 1 then handed over to Jill. Our team came 8th place, which we were happy with! Almost beating our closest rival Canada!  

The fifth and final race on the 7th of February was the 10km mass start! We once again created history with Jill and myself being the first two Australian females to race a mass start at an International event! I was start number 28, and I was lapped after my third shooting where I finished 28th. My shooting wasn't the best in this race, 2,2,0, but I was happy with my race as I was extremely exhausted before I even started this race! 


On Australia day we left Livigno, Italy to start our journey to Almaty, Kazakhstan where we attended the 2017 Winter Universiade! Going into this I had no idea what to expect as I have never been to a Winter Universiade… Lets just say I was so shocked at how big this event was, I had no clue!

We attended the opening ceremony on the 29th of January, where we marched into a stadium filled with twelve thousand people, and being broadcasted to over a billion people. It was an incredible opening ceremony showing the history of Kazakhstan. We even had the pleasure to hear a speech from  the President of Kazakhstan! This was an experience that I will never forget!

The biathlon stadium was 1 hour away, which was a little bit annoying to be travelling 2 hours, sometimes more everyday, but the good thing about this is all of the athletes are in the same bus, so I made many new friends from all around the world!  

The range, stadium and wax cabin was absolutely incredible! I have never been to such a good  facility before. The ski course was good, there was one big hill and the rest of the course was manageable so I was really excited and positive to race! We had 5 races to do here in Kazakhstan which is such a large amount! I have only ever done 2 or three races in a row before, so I new that aspect of the races would be hard!

The second race on the 2nd of February was the 7.5km sprint race. This race was so far the best race I have had this season! I skied fast and I was happy with my shooting. The woman who won this race is currently racing on the world cup circuit achieving top 10 results, so it was good to see how I would go up against her! I shot 0,2, and was 6 minutes 29 seconds behind her, I was extremely happy with this, as it shows I have improved a lot this season and I would have been a lot further behind last season. I also qualified for the pursuit the next day! 

The third race on the 3rd of February was the 12.5km pursuit race. I qualified 32nd for this event. I started in the 4 minute wave, and in this  event when you are lapped you are taken out of the race. I started the race strong with shooting 0,0 and gaining 5 places before I was lapped by the winner. I was happy with this race especially my shooting and it was a good experience to start in a mass start as I do not experience this a lot.   

Overall the 2017 Winter Universiade was an incredible event which I learnt a lot from and it was a great experience! 

Individual results:  31st, shooting - 1, 2, 4, 4

Sprint results: 32nd, 0, 2 - 6:29 behind 

Pursuit results: LAP - 27th 0, 0 finished 27th position

Mixed Relay results: 8th, 0+0, 1+3, +5:57 behind for lap 1  

Mass start results: LAP 2, 2, 0  finished 28th

Saying goodbye

  On the 22nd of January we said goodbye to the Australian Biathlon Development Team who left Livigno, Italy to go back to Australia to start school and University. This was pretty sad as there was only now 5 of us left! In order to celebrate their final days, we enjoyed eating out in our favourite restaurants in Livigno!

Sick :(

Sadly after racing in Arber, Germany, I caught the cold that was going around the Australian Team. And spent a week recovering in Livigno, before preparing for the 2017 Winter Universiade.  

Continuing on the IBU Cup Circuit!

IBU Cup 5

Arber, Germany

11/01/2017 - 14/01/2017

Continuing on the IBU Cup circuit!! After some average results at Martell it was good to know that I had another chance to try to have some good results at an IBU Cup. We headed off to Arber,  Germany after having a recovery day in Livigno, there were 3 races in IBU Cup 5; an Individual, Single Mixed Relay and a Mixed Relay. Australia’s head coach Luca Bormolini and our wax tech Fausto supported us at this event.

Arber, Germany has a tough course, which is a bit different to the other courses I had already raced this season. The 3km course went up, up, up then down into the range, once again having technical downhill turns. The first day was a 15km Individual, which I was extremely nervous for as it was my first ever 15km biathlon race and Arber has a very tough course. From the day we arrived, to the day we left, we had bad weather conditions. The conditions were so bad (fog and wind) that when we were  warming up for the Individual they cancelled the race and postponed it to the next day. Due to this, both the Single Mixed Relay and the Mixed Relay were cancelled, which was extremely upsetting as I was looking forward to these relays. This would have also been the first Mixed Relay Australia has ever had. 

The 15km Individual took place the next day, and this was easily one of the worst skiing races I have had. It was extremely tough conditions and I did not feel like I was in my best shape. My shooting wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, I struggled with the wind, but now I know on what I need to improve on to move a step up in the results. I was disappointed with this race, but it motivates me to train harder in order to achieve the results I set out to make. 

Individual results: 91st - shooting 2, 0, 2, 2 - time behind 23:22.

My first ever IBU Cup!

IBU Cup 4 

Martello, Italy

04/01/2017 - 08/01/2017

My first ever IBU Cup!! I was happy to have both my Mum and sister here to watch my races, this was the first time that my family has watched me race overseas! IBU Cup is one level below World Cup, and is so far the highest level I have competed in. With over 100 competitors in each race, and being the level just below World Cup, the field is extremely tough with many nations  competing. I didn't know what to expect going into this event, as I am only a first year Junior competing in IBU Cup which is an open category. Although I didn't know what to expect, I was excited to know how I would do with some of the worlds best biathletes. Martell has an extremely tough course with steep uphills, gradual uphills as well as steep downhills with lots of technical turns. Australia’s head coach Luca Bormolini and our wax tech Fausto supported us at this event.  

Sprint 1 results: 90th - shooting  3,1 - time behind 9:43.

Sprint 2 results: 84th - shooting 1,0 - time behind 6:58.

My first race for IBU Cup 4 was a 7.5km Sprint race, with tough weather conditions (strong winds) I struggled when shooting prone, while my standing was good it still could have been better. My skiing also wasn't very good, I felt pretty tired still from the intense training camp we had over Christmas/New Years. The second race for IBU Cup 4 was another sprint race. I was much happier with this race, there was still tough weather conditions for shooting, but after Luca explained the wind conditions and how to shoot in those conditions I shot well. My skiing was also better in this race, but I had a big fall (belly flop) on a downhill on my first loop, shaking me up quite a lot, but I recovered and managed to shoot well. I was happy with  this race but there is still room for improvement. 

New Years in Prague with family!

  Over New Years, I travelled to Prague to meet up with my Mum and sister for 4 days. It was great to have 4 days away from the team and from training to clear my mind and to gain more motivation for upcoming training and races!

While in Prague, I enjoyed being a tourist and did a lot of shopping and sight seeing. It was nice to change it up and have a short break from everything!!

Although after 4 days away it was time to head back to Livigno to prepare for my first ever IBU Cup in Martell, Italy. 

Australian High performance training camp Livigno, Italy  over Christmas and New years!

  After 3 weeks of racing we had a 2 week break over Christmas/New Years where I took part in the Australian High performance training camp in Livigno. This training block is extremely important as you have time to work on the weaknesses you have identified from the first races of the season. In this training block I had chosen to focus on my balance, core, shooting with heart rate and shooting under pressure. So I spent a lot of time at the gym and the shooting range! We also did a lot of group training for balance and technique which was good fun! 

  We had lots of time to rest and be a tourist in Livigno!

We were lucky enough to run into multiple World Cup and World Champion Dorothea Wierer! It was an incredible experience to meet such an idol in the biathlon world!


On Christmas day our team had a big “family” dinner!

3rd Race of the season!

IBU Junior Cup 2

Hochfilzen, Austria 

13/12/2016 - 17/12/2016


Nobody in the Australian team made the pursuit the next day, so we decided to spend our well needed rest day in Innsbruck, Austria!

Sprint results: 91st - shooting 1, 2 - time behind 7:14.

*Photo of everyone a bit tired after our races on a World Cup course. Photo of Tim Flanagan, Matthew Wright and myself in Innsbruck. 

After a tough week in Lenzerheide, Switzerland we had two days to prepare ourselves and travel to Hochfiltzen, Austria. Hochfiltzen is a World Cup venue, so as you can imagine the ski course is very difficult. Hochfiltzen has steep uphills followed by fast technical downhills, the course is very much up and down, but difficult. Going into official training (training the day before the race), I was feeling tired and didn't quiet feel up to race, but it was important to race because this was the last race before the Christmas/New Years break. This weeks race had a large field with over 100  racers, the field is of a high standard too, with all countries bringing their A teams. We were supported for this race by coach Christian Cusini. The first race was a 7.5km Sprint race, which was delayed 1 hour due to poor visibility. This was an average race for me, I found both skiing and shooting difficult due to the tough weather conditions. I needed to come in the top 60 to be able to race in the Pursuit the next day, which sadly I didn't make. With a bit more fitness and working on shooting with heart rate, hopefully I will start to see some improvements.

2nd Race of the season!

IBU Junior Cup 1

Lenzerheide, Switzerland 

08/12/2016 - 11/12/2016

Seeing as I had already raced in Lenzerheide the week prior to this week I was feeling confident that I would have a good race as I have already raced the course! This was the first IBU Junior Cup of the season and there were many participating nations. We had coach Christian Cusini supporting us at this event, as well as our wax tech, Fausto. The first race was an 12.5km Individual race, where I found skiing very tough, but my shooting was a lot better than the previous weeks race. We had our wax tech, Fausto on course providing us with split times and a drink station. I was happy with this individual race, as it was the first individual race of the season and I learnt that I not  only need to keep practising my shooting with heart rate but to also practise shooting under pressure! The second race was a 7.5km sprint race, I was extremely happy with this race, I skied strong and shot well. Sadly I missed the last shot on standing, due to feeling the pressure, which is something I have to work on! This race was already one step up from last weeks race, its great to already see improvements!


Individual results: 63rd - shooting 2, 0, 1, 2 - time behind 14:55.

Sprint results: 56th - shooting 0, 1  - time behind 5:55. 

*Photo of me icing my sore arms after an intense week of training in Livigno!

*Photo of me pretty dead after my sprint race.e

1st race of the season!

Alpen Cup 

Lenzerheide, Switzerland 

01/12/2016 - 04/12/2016

First race of the season!!! Going into these races I was extremely nervous as it was the first race of the season and I had no idea what to expect. On both days of racing I competed in the Alpen Cup Junior Woman category and raced two 7.5km sprint races. Lenzerheide, Switzerland has a tough  course, where the hills aren't too difficult, but you are constantly pushing as there are many gradual uphills and flats so you don't have a lot of rest. The field at this event was very strong as many athletes were competing in Lenzerheide in the IBU Junior Cup the following week. It was a tough race, and my shooting wasn't very good, but it was a good experience and I learnt that I need to do some more shooting training with a higher heart rate! My skiing felt pretty good and I felt like I was fully recovered from the surgery!

Off to Europe!

20th of November 2016 to the 2nd March 2017

On the 20th of November I headed off to Europe to start my European winter season 2016/2017 training and racing block! This European winter season I have decided to train and race with the Australian Biathlon Team and the Australian Biathlon Development Team under the watchful eye of  Australian Biathlons head coach Luca Bormolini. We were based in Livigno Italy where we trained for the majority of the season, and travelled to Alpen Cups, Junior IBU Cups, IBU Cups, the 2017 Winter Universiade and the 2017 Youth/Junior World Championships. 

We had a team of 11 athletes training and racing this season. On the Australian Biathlon Team was Jill Colebourn, Jeremy Flanagan, Tim Flanagan and myself. On the Australian Biathlon Development Team was Matthew Wright, Tom Wilkinson, Maddy Clarke, Jethro Mahon, Gabby Mahon and Taylor Field. We also trained with New Zealander Louis Jones. So along with head coach Luca Bormolini we also had two other coaches - Christian Cusini and Morris, who are also coaches of the Livigno ski team!      


Livigno is a small, friendly town in Italy, with amazing cross country ski trails! They are currently building a biathlon range, and while that was being built we would train 30 minutes away in the next town called Isolaccia. Isolaccia had a very tough ski course and Olympic standard shooting range which made it the perfect place to train! So the training facilities in Livigno were perfect!

A big team also means a lot of food!

My main goals for this European season:
  • To qualify for the Pursuit event (top 60) in the Junior IBU Cup in Hochfilzen, the Univerisade and the Junior World Championships.
  • To achieve below 280 IBU points in the IBU cups in Martell, Italy and Arber, Germany.
  • To come top half of the field at the Junior IBU Cups and at the Junior World Championships.

Macquarie University Blues awards night

 The Macquarie University Blues awards night took place on the 3rd of November 2016. Since I am only in my first year of University, I was only eligible for one award. I was nominated for Rookie of the year, along with two other athletes, one being a rower (Tom Schramko) and the other an archer (Belinda Maxworthy). I was extremely happy to have been nominated, but the award went to rower Tom Schramko. Tom was a member of the U23 Men’s Quadruple Sculls that won Australia’s first male gold medal at an U23 World Rowing Championships since 2004. 

Minor set back…


Due to reoccurring sickness, I had to get my tonsils and adenoids removed on the 19th of September, where I sadly could not train intensely for a month… The surgery went well, recovery took longer than expected and training resumed 3 weeks after surgery.

Body Image Movement Global Ambassador

On the 16th of September I was asked to become a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador! 

What is the movement?

Body Image Movement Global Ambassadors are on a quest to end the global body-hating epidemic. The Body Image Movement (BIM) is an internationally recognised crusade that was founded on the belief that your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams. BIM believes that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability. By travelling the globe, headed by founder Taryn Brumfitt, the Body Image Movement is working to put an end to body loathing and spread the message of body loving.  

Taryn’s global movement has been extremely successful and I have decided to become a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador in order to spread word around the sporting world to embrace and love your body. Many elite athletes feel the pressure to be a certain shape, weight and size, which leads to many health issues both physically and mentally. By joining Taryns initiative I aim supporting her global movement of embracing and loving your body. I aim to promote and inform via social media the importance of embracing and loving your body by showing athletes that you can achieve your goals no matter your shape or size. I am passionate about this movement and I will try to persuade biathletes to be apart of this global movement to embrace! 


More info here: https://bodyimagemovement.com/

Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon

18th of September 2016

On the 18th of September I completed my first ever half marathon! 


It was great training, tough, but I enjoyed taking part in Blackmore's Sydney Half Marathon!

Australian winter season 

21st of July to the 29th of August 2016

After the successful weekend at Mt Hotham, I headed to Perisher to race the Australian Junior Cross Country Skiing Championships which were held on the 30th/31st of July. I thought it would be a good experience and good training to race some XC events this season! The first race on the 30th of July was a skate sprint race where I came 7th in the time trial and got knocked out in the Semis, overall I felt strong, and I felt like it was a good experience. On the 31st of July was a 5km classic race, I was extremely nervous for this race as I can’t even remember the last time I had done a classic race, I ended up coming 4th which I was very surprised with! Overall I really enjoyed doing these XC races, it was great training!


After two weekends of XC races it was time to go back to Mt Hotham for the Australian Biathlon Championships held on the 13th/14th of August. The first race on the 13th was the 15km Open Woman's  Individual race, where I shot 1,1,0,1, with good shooting and strong skiing I ended up coming 1st with the closest competitor being 2 mins 18 seconds behind! With this race I am now the Australian Woman Individual Champion! On the 14th of August was the 7.5km Open Woman's Sprint race, where I shot 2,2, and ended up coming 2nd place, 30 seconds behind the winner. Due to being so far ahead in the Individual race, overall I was ranked the  first female in Australian Biathlon! This weekend of racing was extremely successful and I was happy with my shooting and skiing in both races!

Me with Damon Morton Australian Male Biathlon Champion 2016

After another successful weekend in Mt Hotham, I travelled to Falls Creek to take part in the famous Kangaroo Hoppet on the 27th of August! I raced in the Australian Birkebeiner 21km race and came 5th place, which I was extremely happy with! 

The Hoppet was my last race, so I left Falls Creek and went back home to Sydney to continue my training.

After just arriving home from Sweden, I had one week in Sydney, then I headed down to the Snowy  Mountains to train and race in the Australian snow season! 

I first competed at the Victorian Biathlon Championships in Mt Hotham, on the 23rd/24th of July. The first days race on the 23rd was cancelled due to bad weather, but the race was held on the 24th of July, where I won the Open Woman Sprint race, becoming the Open Woman Victorian Champion! The weather conditions for this race were tough, with volunteers having to shovel snow onto the ski tracks the day before the race. 


I stayed in Perisher for another week to compete in the Australian Cross Country Skiing Championships on the 6th/7th of August. On the 6th there was a classic sprint race, which was difficult as the last time I did a classic sprint was three years ago, but I thought I may as well give it a go! I ended up coming 11th, so I was pleased with this result. On the 7th I raced the 5km skate distance race, having high hopes for a good race coming into the weekend I soon realised during the race that I went out way too hard, didn't pace myself and burnt out, so the race didn't go quiet as I planned… but I was still happy with my result being 13th place.

After I had finished some races I did some commentating!! 

Team KV+

I am now a member of Team KV+

A big thanks to KV+ Australia for helping me out so I can focus on my training and development as an athlete. KV+ is providing me with equipment for the 2016 Australian winter season and the 2016/2017 European winter season!

Lillsport sponsorship

I am thankful to Lillsport for helping me out and supplying me with gloves for summer training as well as for the 2016 Australian winter season and the 2016/2017 European winter season!

Trimtex partnership

Thanks to Trimtex for helping me out and supplying me with summer training clothes as well as winter training clothes for 2016 and 2017!

Summer training in Torsby, Sweden

13th of April to the 13th of July 2016

This year I have decided to try and do something different! Biathlon is constantly growing which means that the level keeps rising. I have found that while my shooting and skiing is improving each year, I am still not competitive enough with the top athletes my age. So this year I am going to go and train ‘European style’ in order to try and close the gap  between myself and the top athletes my age! 

I trained in Torsby, Sweden from mid April to mid July with my coach Gatis Praulitis! 

Once I arrived in Torsby in April we went straight to Sjusoen, Norway where there is still snow in April! On the way we picked up  Diana Rasimoviciute-Brice from Oslo, Norway. Diana is a Lithuanian biathlete currently competing on the World Cup circuit, and has been to 4 Olympic games! I trained in  Sjusoen with Diana for 2 weeks, it was absolutely incredible to be training with her, it was a great experience!

In Sweden, there is a big celebration at the end of June called midsummer, where we participated in a local running race in Torsby, which was great fun!

I also got my rifle painted in Karlstad, Sweden!

Overall training in Sweden was a success, I trained hard and at times it was difficult but I learnt lots of things and I improved both my skiing and shooting dramatically! 

The facilities in Torsby, Sweden are incredible! To name a few; they have over 20km of roller skiing tracks, an  olympic standard shooting range, hiking/running  tracks and a ski tunnel that is 3km long (this allows you to train on snow all year around).

  After two weeks of skiing we headed back to Torsby to  start some intensive training. For two months I trained in Torsby, we did a lot of running, roller skiing, skiing in the ski tunnel, mountain biking and shooting. During this time I also did a few running races, as well as some  really hard trainings on what I like to call the “hill of death”; a constant steep uphill climb for 7km. 

 Glitter Gal Australia Sponsorship


I am excited that Glitter Gal Australia will be sponsoring me for 2016 and 2017. Glitter Gal Australia is an online cosmetics company. Glitter Gal Australia is providing me with financial support for the 2016 Australian winter season, as well as the 2016/2017 European winter season. 

Arborvitae Sponsorship 


I am proud to announce that Arborvitae will be sponsoring me for 2016 and 2017. Arborvitae is providing me with financial support as well as providing me with 2 years of their Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement. This supplement is a potent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant suitable for a range of conditions. Lets hope this helps me to stay healthy during the cold winter seasons!

Jaycar Sponsorship

 I am proud to announce that Jaycar Electronics will be sponsoring me from mid 2016 to mid 2017. Jaycar is a leading electronics retail company with over 90 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Jaycar Electronics are providing me with financial support for the 2016 Australian winter season, as well as the 2016/2017 European winter season. 

Macquarie University

The 2015/2016 European Winter season was great fun but now it is time to go back to reality! 

This year is my first year of university! I chose to study at Macquarie University due to its amazing elite athletes program. I have received Macquarie Universities top sporting scholarship, which has numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include; a financial scholarship for sporting expenses, Academic liaison and support, Sport & Aquatic Centre Membership and Personal development seminars and tutorials.

With the support of Macquarie University I will be able to train and race throughout the year whilst studying full time. 

I will be studying a Bachelor of Psychology, aiming to then go into sport psychology, where I want to help other athletes achieve their dreams. 

Youth/Junior World championships 2016

Cheile Grădiştei, Romania

27th January to the 2nd of February 2016

 In the Youth Woman 10km Individual race I placed 56th shooting 0,1,1,2. 

In the Youth Woman 6km Sprint race I placed 63rd shooting 0,1. 

 The Youth/Junior World Championships 2016 took place in Cheile Grădiştei, Romania from the 27th of January to the 2nd of February.

Australia had it’s biggest Youth/Junior World Championships team ever! Which consisted of myself, Gabrielle Hawkins, Darcie Morton, Jill Colebourn, Matthew Wright, Will Neuhaus, Harry Jacobs, Damon Morton and Jeremy Flanagan. Australian biathlons head coach Luca Bormolini supported us at this event.

I am extremely satisfied with my results, I had my best International race results ever, with strong skiing and fast accurate shooting! 


Australia also had a Youth Woman relay. The team consisted of Darcie Morton (1st skier), Gabrielle Hawkins (2nd skier), and myself being the 3rd skier. In the Youth Woman 3x6km Relay we finished 17th! I was happy with how our team raced, it was a lot of fun and a great experience!

Overall the 2016 Youth/Junior World Championships were a success and it was time to head home after a long 3 months training and racing in Europe!